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BillGuard Keeps Your Credit Card Safe

Online security is a huge concern for most of us – but it can really be a tough thing to stay on top of all the time. Checking every account and pouring over every credit card statement is something that we SHOULD be doing, but often neglect.

When dealing with online fraud and credit card fraud, banks and CC companies are usually fast and reasonable at tracking fraudulent charges and getting you your money back. But what about when charges fall through the cracks? If you’re not diligent about checking line by line, you’re going to be on the hook for that amount.

What about the portions of your bill that aren’t fraud-related, but still costing you money that you don’t have to spend? Well, there’s an answer for that.

Enter: BillGuard. This is a great product that monitors your banking information by scanning your credit cards on a daily basis. It’s a free protection service that calls itself ‘the world’s first anti-virus system for bills’.

BillGuard estimates that the average American will pay ‘an additional $300/year’ to unnecessary fees and fraudulent charges. They further went on to estimate that banks miss up to 1/3 of these charges. And that’s where you lose out.

When you hand over your personal information and register your cards, BillGuard emails you when there is something they feel should be addressed. Whether it’s a small re-occurring fee, a previously flagged item (from other users) or something that just looks fishy, you will get a real-time update that lets you know it’s worth a look.

The service is certainly worth checking out and is poised to add more features for users.

As always, this is an unbiased mention and something we wanted to pass your way. Have any other products that keep your info safe online? Hit the comments and let us know!

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What are you looking for?