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Save $10 in 10 Minutes: Safer Driving Saves on Gas

Summer is fast approaching, and that means a lot of different things. But for me, I always think of road trips. Before you hit the open road this summer, take 10 minutes to save some bucks on gas with these easy-driving, cash-saving techniques:

1. Keep your speed down

This is a 10 minute tip that will save you money over the long run. While going faster may seem like a good idea, it’s more dangerous and expensive than a lower speed

On the highway, if you’re driving 120km/hour instead of 100km/hour, you’ll burn 17% more gas on average over the same distance. Is the few minutes you reduce on travel time worth the extra cost of fuel (or the pontential expense of a ticket)? We say: no!

2. Avoid aggressive braking and accelerating

This is inline with tip #1, but we think it’s worth checking out. You burn excess gas most often when you accelerate rapidly. To combat this, pull out of rest stops with some ease, and try to anticipate traffic ebbs and flows, instead of pounding the gas and then accelerator over and over again.

Experts estimate that you can cut nearly 20% of fuel costs, using these gentler driving techniques.

3. Your tires!

We’ve said it before, but maintaining tire pressure is a great way to save on gas. When you’re cruising the summer highways, using proper tires, and keeping their pressure at the recommended levels will definitely help you spend smart, and drive safe.

4. Regular service

A $25 checkup before a roadie could save you HUNDREDS in potential expenses if you had a road-side breakdown. Let someone experience pop the hood before you go – and remember to check your oil regularly.

Have fun out there! Don’t forget to bring us a t-shirt from the Grand Canyon!

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