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BillGuard Keeps Your Credit Card Safe

Online security is a huge concern for most of us – but it can really be a tough thing to stay on top of all the time. Checking every account and pouring over every credit card statement is something that we SHOULD be doing, but often neglect. When dealing with online fraud and credit card fraud, banks and CC companies are usually fast and reasonable at tracking fraudulent charges and getting you your money back. But what about when charges fall through the cracks? If you’re not diligent about c

4 Crazy Ways to Stop Credit Card Debt Before it Starts

Credit Card Problems? We’ve all been there – trust me. But here are some (possibly insane) ways to stop the pain of credit card over-spending. Credit cards can be easy to get, and that’s part of the problem. Cash (that you don’t actually have) is easy to access and spend, which can cause a mountain of debt to deal with. When this happens, it’s time to sort out your credit card habits. Here are some ways to stop the over-spending pain before it even starts. While all of them might not be for yo

An Easy Way to Track Spending: Use Only 1 Payment Method

We’ve talked about budgeting your cash before, and knowing what you spend money on – but let’s face it, sometimes that is a tall order. With bills, one-off purchases and the options to use cash, debit or credit it’s easy to get to the end of the month and have no clue where all your funds went to – and how are you going to budget properly when that happens? Here’s an idea for getting your spending on the right track: simplify your methods. Rather than use the combo of cash, credit and debit, s

3 Ways To Save $100 In 10 Minutes!

Saving money can be easier than you think. Here are three simple ways to save $100 in 10 minutes each. 1) Call your credit card companies and get your fees removed – This includes yearly fees, late fees, membership fees, application fees and over-the-limit fees. Every company should remove at least one fee if you ask, and many will remove up to a year’s worth of fees. Especially if you are carrying a balance on the card. Ask politely, or ask for a manager and you will be surprised at the result