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Bio mimicry: The Future of Design

Mother Nature knows best! If you have every wondered at the ingenuity of the natural world, then you are not alone. Although humans have spent the majority of their time on the planet advancing their technology, they are slowly starting to learn that no design is better than those found in nature.

Bio mimicry is technology that copies nature. The idea is to create sustainable items that do not impact the environment negatively and can be recycled after they have served their purpose. This means solar panels that convert energy in the same way that plants do are 99% efficient, and biodegradable fast food packaging can add valuable nutrients to your compost heap. Here are two more inventions that bring nature into your home in unexpected ways.

Do you have a bathroom mat that is constantly damp, often moldy or smells a little funky? We all like to step out of the bath or shower onto something warm and fuzzy, but conventional bath mats aren’t really the ideal design. Now the moss mat from designer Nguyen La Chanh utilizes the lack of light and moist conditions of most bathroom floors to create an amazing, natural soft moss mat.

Smartphones and cell phones get replaced on such a regular basis, that they create an enormous amount of landfill fodder. To overcome this problem, designer Je-Hyun Kim has created the biodegradable grassy phone. The grass phone is made of hay and is completely biodegradable. The phone can be used for a year and then takes another year to break down completely – even the screen and keypad are biodegradable!

Bio mimicry is the design wave of the future. Its eco-friendly creations can help us to rethink the very fabric of manufacturing so that we can all enjoy a healthier environment.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?