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Things to look forward to (other than the Suicide Squad movie)

Can you believe that 2016 is half over already? We’ve been telling you about so many exciting things these past few months and we’re finally going to be releasing them soon! Before we get into what new #FinancesWithBenefits you can expect, here’s a recap of some recently-launched MogoAccount upgrades you're enjoying so far.

Stuff that you’re already getting


Free credit score: When you sign up, you’ll see your free credit score (paid for by us, provided by Equifax Canada) once, but if you get a MogoMoney loan, you’ll get it updated every three months for free (as long as you’re a MogoMoney customer).

MogoMini Snapshot: Our members love their MogoLiquid snapshot, so we were like, let’s do a MogoMini Snapshot too and proactively send you your loan details (like your next scheduled payment and how many payments until you Level Up to a lower rate).

MogoAccount Snapshot: Why share the magic of a Snapshot with only MogoMoney customers? Our MogoAccount snapshot keeps those members that don’t have MogoMoney in touch with what is happening in their MogoAccount.

Fewer fields on our MogoAccount signup page: Good news, you don’t have to go through the hassle of filling out 20923864039 fields anymore. Because making things easier is what we do.

Adulting 101: Fun events for you to learn all about how to be an adult, like managing your finances, choosing a good bottle of wine, and more.

The MogoLounge: Canada’s first financial lounge. No tellers, no lineups. The way banking should be. Come visit us in Toronto.

Stuff that you’ll be getting soon


The new MogoAccount: One 3-minute sign-up unlocks all your #FinancesWithBenefits (like your credit score, a MogoMoney pre-approval, and a MogoCard), plus we're working on new features like being able to set up your own payments and seeing all your Mogo products on a slick dashboard in your account.


The MogoApp: Use the app to sign up for a MogoAccount and get pre-approved for credit, order your MogoCard, and more. Do it all on a slick dashboard on your smartphone. AND it’s free.


The MogoCard: Now in alpha testing stage! We’ve been busy putting the final touches on our new Mogo Platinum Prepaid Visa® Card program (like a spending tracker and transaction alerts) while diligently closing out the old one. Prepare your wallet for this hotness.


The MogoLightning Mortgage: Meet the fastest, no-hassle-est mortgage application you’ve ever seen. Get ready, mortgage world, lightning’s about to strike.

We're so excited. And we love feedback! If you have awesome ideas for new products / how we can make these ones better / random sh*t that would be cool to do, send them in!

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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?