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Dealing with the January Crunch – What to do with Seasonal Debt

Whew. We made it! December can be one of the most enjoyable – but stressful – times of the year. There’s travel, expenses, parties and family time.  Now that December’s here, it is time for the holiday hangover.  And like most of us, you might have let the credit card run wild or over-extended yourself financially.

Setting the tone with a money-smart January is a great way to get back in financial shape for the new year.

Assess the Situation

I know you might be avoiding it, but it’s time to check your balances. Take a look at what’s left, what you owe and what you need to spend cash on this month. Saving and spending money is a lot easier when you know what you’re going up against.

Reminding yourself about how much you charged on your card should make it easier to keep your Visa holstered as you roll through January.

Plan Ahead

****Want to have an inexpensive January while you re-coup from December’s spending spree? Check out some of these tips to keep a low profile while still having fun:

•       Use your gifts – now is the time to really try out those snowshoeing lessons you got, or really dig into that book from your stocking

•      Quality time with friends and family – the Christmas season just blew past me and I barely even saw the family. In January it’s a great chance to have some low-key time and enjoy everyone’s company without worrying about holiday stress

•       Feel good about saving cash. You know you just had a great month, so enjoy the money you’re saving instead of worry about not doing anything.

Get smart with your cash this January and get set for a great money year!


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What are you looking for?