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Designing our new look: what’s the Mogo identity?

If you’ve been with us for a while, you’ve probably noticed that our logo’s been through a pretty big change. And now, it’s a little… shall we say, edgier?


Making a cool finance brand


Why did we want to change things up? What’s the name of that red that we use now? We’ll let our creative director Gary explain.

Why the brand identity change?

We’re always looking at how we can be creative and disruptive, both in our products and also in the Mogo brand. Our previous logo and brand identity were simply behind the times and didn’t reflect Mogo’s current values and personality. It was time to retire them.

What was the idea behind the new logo?

We like simplicity, but often, brands lose a lot of their character when they go the “simple” route. We wanted the Mogo logo to be simple, but also wanted to keep its bold and human quality. The Pure Red that we went with for the colour definitely helps achieve this.

What are some brands that we think are cool/where does the design team find inspiration?

During the design process, we looked into how some of our favourite companies are branded... Iconic brands like Supreme, Levi’s, Uniqlo, and Coca-Cola. Our style is also inspired by recent Scandinavian graphic design trends, which deliver both function and form in an effortless way.

Which song are you most likely to blast on a Friday at 4:01pm?

Whatever’s hot on Hype Machine.


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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?