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Dine Out Vancouver 2012 - the favorites

Every year, Vancouver hosts Dine Out, a two-week food festival at the city’s best, brightest and up-and-coming restaurants. What makes this any different than another night out at Vancouver’s foodie finest? Well, with Dine Out, participating restaurants prepare a special chef’s choice menu at an affordable price. This means that those of us with less pocket money (cough…me!…cough) can afford to check out some of the city’s swankier places.

This year is Dine Out’s 10th, which means that the festival is higher profile and better than ever. There are more restaurants participating, and the geographic spread is even wider. Dine Out also offers deals on hotels and other activities, so if you want to you can make a real night of it. I always go for at least two meals; this year’s dates of January 20-February 5 mean that there’s a lot of time to check out places I might otherwise miss.

Here are a few restaurants I’d like to check out during Dine Out.

1. Boneta – 12 Water Street

For just $38, Boneta’s offering a three-courser at its pretty Gastown location. West coast luxury dining at its finest! Menu highlight? Lamb, Garam Masala Squash, Tallow Fried Potato, Red Onion Compote.

2. DIVA at the Met – 645 Howe Street

The DIVA is a place to see and be seen, situated as it is in the Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Vancouver. Not a place I’d normally find myself, but all the more reason to visit during Dine Out. For $38, the DIVA’s offering 3 choices for appetizer and entrée (up from Boneta’s two). Menu highlight? Pemberton parsnip soup, Diva bacon.

3. Whet Bar & Grill – 1517 Anderson Street

Located on Granville Island, Whet is less fancy than the other choices on this list but is offering a bold menu as a first-time Dine Out participant (it just opened this summer). For $28, you have a choice of 3 appetizers, entrees AND desserts. Mmm. Menu highlight? Velvet Cake – cream cheese icing, raspberry coulis.

Check out menus and more info at Dine Out’s website. Where are you headed this year?

image via DineOutVancouver

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?