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Don't Let Your Dreams be Dreams

It's the middle of the work week and you're probably already thinking about the weekend, wishing it would come sooner. Maybe you're even dreaming about living a life that only has weekends.

The question we rarely ask ourselves is, “How bad do I actually want that life?”.

It’s easy to let what you desire slip away and accept something lesser, but it’s important to be absolutely honest with yourself. If you want to achieve something, like getting out of debt sooner, buying a home, or retiring, then you must fully own it.

Your results will directly represent your level of commitment to those results, so you need to fully commit to your goal in order for it to fully happen.

If you know you want it, then don’t wait to get it. Here’s a helpful article by Benjamin Hardy where you can learn the 5 key principles for increasing your commitment to specific results you want.

Looking to get a raise?

Being a high performer at work isn’t just about talents, you need the right habits – we’re talking about “thinking habits”, like trusting your gut, tackling the hard work first, and thinking before you say “no”. These habits can be small, but they trigger a series of other powerful habits that will give you an edge.

Learn more about the 4 habits that can help you get ahead at work so you can get that raise sooner.

If you’re committed to improving your finances, then take the time to learn and master the 4 habits with the Mogo app.

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What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?