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Spending Less Will Make You Happier

Why do we spend our money on things and experiences? Whether it’s a pair of shoes or a nice dinner out, we do these things not because we have to but because we think they’ll make us happy. But research suggests nothing makes people happier than having their finances in order (out of debt and on track for your long term wealth goals).

So if you’re not saving as much as you should or you’re currently in debt, spending less and focusing on getting out of debt and increasing your savings will actually increase your happiness.

Spend less and save Antarctica (and the planet)

We’re sure you heard that it was 20 degrees in Antarctica last week. So what does that have to do with your financial goals? 72% of CO2 emissions can be linked to our consumption. This means the less we spend, the less we consume, helping to save both our money and the planet!

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What are you looking for?