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She got her own

Sunday was International Women’s Day, and we celebrated a year of amazing achievements including:
  1. 🌳 Greta Thunberg leading a global movement for climate change – she’s also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.
  2. 🌌 Katie Bouman heading up the team that captured the first ever direct image of a black hole.
  3. ⚖️ Sanna Marin becoming Finland’s youngest serving Prime Minister – all five parties in the country’s governing coalition have female leaders!

While women are clearly crushing it across the globe, we still see some sobering statistics about their financial health:

Financial stress can cause poor health, anxiety, and prevents people from reaching their full potential. One survey has even shown that, for women, taking a positive action with their money is the top confidence booster. Clearly, financial health is really, really important for women.

At Mogo, we’re committed to helping everyone become empowered and take control of their financial health. We believe that all Canadians deserve equal access to financial success and we’re very proud of helping Canadian women build a strong foundation for their futures.

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What are you looking for?