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Fall farmer's markets across Canada

One of the saddest things about letting go of the summer is the end of farmer’s market season. There’s nothing quite like a sunny weekend morning spent strolling among delicious (and cheap!) fresh fruits and veggies, trying different local farmers’ and producers’ wares. But fear not, fine folks! Because in many Canadian cities, there are fall farmer’s markets that last until its too cold to be outdoors. And the change in seasons means there’s also a change in tasty goodies, too. Here are a few farmer’s markets still happening across the country. (NOTE: I’ve either been to these, or have friends who recommend them. These are not blind choices!)

Trout Lake Farmer’s Market, Vancouver (through October)

Vancouver’s got it easy, where weather is concerned. If you don’t mind putting on your wellies, that is. The mild winter weather means this awesome market is up and running through October, and farmers come from all over the Fraser Valley to sell their wares. Great pumpkins, and the setting can’t be beat.

Regina Farmer’s Market, Regina (through October)

This one’s awesome because it’s a big, centralized market for the entire Regina area. This one’s not just farmers, either, but woodworkers, crafters and more. And, these guys are so savvy they list their vendors on their website. Neat!

Dufferin Grove Farmer’s Market, Toronto (year round)

The Dufferin scores points for being so close to awesome transit, and for being unusual in that it operates on a Thursday, 3pm-7pm schedule. Not only that, but it’s year round (it moves indoors in the winter) and the variety of spices can’t be beat.

Halifax Seaport Farmer’s Market, Halifax (year round)

Aside from being awesome, and in a beautiful setting, this market is probably Canada’s oldest, having been started in 1750 (when Canada wasn’t even Canada…heck, when America wasn’t even America!). This is also a year-round affair, and the variety and sheer volume of stuff is a sight to behold. Enjoy!

*Where’s your favourite farmer’s market? Let us know in the comments. *

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What are you looking for?