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4 Household Items That Save You Money

OK… household items are nowhere near as exciting as cool gadgets… well, unless they save you a ton of money. Here are four simple household items that will save you a ton of money this year!

1)     A water filter: Water filter / pitcher combos are cheaper than ever before and are exceptionally beneficial for those of you who buy bottled water.  Bottled water not only is expensive but ninety percent of them are nothing more than tap water run through a filter, which you can do yourself with a water filter. This can easily pay for itself in just a few short weeks depending on how much bottled water you drink.

2)     A re-usable bottle/mug: Water bottles are cheap.  Continuing the anti-packaged water theme, use your own personal water bottle and never buy bottled water again. Get a nice metal one with some insulation and you’ll have a cool drink at your fingertips all summer.  Between the filter and the re-usable bottle, you’ll never have to buy pre-bottled water again. And hey… you can splurge a little and get one that works for hot or cold beverages and use it for your morning coffee instead of buying one! Better for the environment, better for your budget!

3)     An old-time bathroom scale: New fancy bathroom scales come and go faster than batteries.  Digital scales are high dollar and never seem to work correctly – if they do manage to work correctly they don’t last long.  With a good old mechanical bathroom scale there’s no break down.  They never run out of batteries and the sensors don’t go bad on them from too much use. Plus you can get some really cool retro designs that look great in the bathroom.  Do you really need your scale to talk to you and announce your weight anyway? Sometimes less technical really is cheaper and more reliable!

4)     An espresso machine: Are you stopping every morning for that cup of Joe?  Every day that you buy your coffee outside of your kitchen it’s money down the drain. Besides if you’re a fan of whipped cream and syrup in your drinks you can add as much or as little as you want to your own brew – you’re not at the mercy of that temperamental coffee shop clerk!


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What are you looking for?