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How To Save On Sporting Events

Is there anything better than getting together with family and friends, piling in the car and taking off to watch your favorite team score a dramatic win? Sports events are intoxicating – the energy of the crowd, your favorite players just a few feet away, and even the overpriced junk food has a certain appeal. Attending live sports events can get expensive in a hurry though. You can use the tips below to score big savings on future games.

Tip #1: Use Your Email Account

Create a free email account and sign up with all of your favorite local sports teams and box offices. You’ll be notified of upcoming games, special promotions and much more before anyone else even knows the event is going to happen. Many teams offer fan-only promotions that they send out to their mailing lists. It could be anything from members-only discount tickets, to a free kid’s night, free team apparel or a free hot dog.

Tip #2: Financing the Food

Unless you consider the hot dogs, popcorn and colas a truly important part of the sports experience, do everything you can to avoid buying food at the game itself. Eat before you go, sneak in a snack, make plans to meet up for a pre-game tailgating party or go out to eat as a group once the game is over. You’ll save a considerable amount of money per person, and it shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the game itself.

Tip #3: Avoid the Merchandise Trap

Game merchandise is so hard to resist. Jerseys, foam hands, and other “official” products are all piled into a kiosk that calls your name the moment you walk by it. Young children are especially prone to wanting anything that flashes as they walk by. To avoid coming home with a ton of expensive disposable items, shop around before the game. Check out eBay, Craigslist, and even your local toy store. Stash your treasures until the day of the game and then bring them out and give them to your family. Everyone will be just as happy, and you won’t come home with an empty wallet and a lot of regrets. And of course… if you go to a lot of games… save the treasures for the next game!


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What are you looking for?