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Introducing: Your MogoLiquid Monthly Snapshot

If you have a Fitbit (or any wearable activity tracker), you’ve probably experienced the rush of unlocking an achievement… and the bitter blow of not hitting your day’s target number of steps/other measurement of exercise. Either way, it’s kind of fun, isn’t it?


We like it. In fact, we were so inspired that we designed something similar to motivate people to get out of debt. Just sending you a boring bank statement isn’t our style, nor is it particularly empowering — and we want to empower you. Like Oprah.

The MogoLiquid Monthly Snapshot uses visuals to help you keep track of your account so that you’ll be aware of things like how much you owe and when it’s due at all times. Think of it as financial fitness coaching.

Let’s break it down


How much was that loan you took out again?


Your progress on paying off the principal — keep at it!

Covers the month’s principal + interest due + optional fees*

*e.g. if you chose the loan protection add-on


A little motivation never hurts.


Have you been making your payments on time or nah?


With all this cool stuff, why not check your rate now? (BTW, it takes only three minutes.)

CHECK MY RATE without impacting your credit score!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?