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It's FAT Week - Fashion Art Toronto 2012 Preview

Fashion Art Toronto is a fantastic extravaganza where art meets fashion. Arts & Fashion Week launches its 7th year from April 24th to April 28th 2012. This year, the 200 participating designers have chosen the theme of FashionSCAPES: land+city+body+future. FAT Week, formerly Alternative Fashion Week, features not only stunning designs by cutting edge designers, but also signers, visual artists and performers, photography exhibits, live music performances and so much more.

“The unique blend of fashion, art and culture make this festival a true mirror of the city of Toronto,” says Vanja Vasic, Executive Director of FAT. “The festival’s unique vision in presenting diverse perspectives in an inclusive environment, make this event a perfect backdrop for showcasing the immense talent from Canada and around the world.” FAT has an International reputation for presenting and discovering cool new talent: for instance Wesley Badanjak, Heidi Ackerman, Martin Limand and Jasper Garvida.

Artists and designers will present their inspired creations under one of the sub-categories: land, city, body and future while models prowl the 80 foot-long runway featuring 52 innovative fashion collections from top designers from Canada and abroad.

The event was formerly known at the Alternate Fashion Week and is held annually in April at 213 Sterling Street in a former industrial warehouse. Thousands of guests will get to enjoy this year’s fashionSCAPES, which investigates the way that fashion, like our seasonal landscape is a fluid and ever-changing entity. Each night of the week-long festival will focus on one of these sub-categories.

  • April 24 – LANDscapes explores global landscapes and physical environments
  • April 25 – CITYscapes visits metropolises and man-made environments; streets, structures and cities
  • April 26 – BODYscapes investigate the body as a field for expressing identity, sexuality and gender
  • April 27 – FUTUREscapes looks at new materials, technology, media and innovative processes
  • April 28 – FATmarket is chance for the public to purchase clothing hot off the runway from FAT designers

Get the FAT week schedule here.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?