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Last minute Valentine's Day tips!

OK – so we told you to remember that Valentine’s Day is coming, but I know that some of you didn’t listen. So here you are, without any plans.

Your palms are sweating, restaurants are laughing at you for trying to book a reso on Feb 14th, and the countdown until V-hour is rapidly approaching.

Fear not, Mogo-ites. Here are 4 quick tips that could save your last minute Valentine’s Day:

  1. Cook at home

Nothing says “I love you” (or, “I like you”) like a nice home cooked meal. Hit the grocery store, make your go-to recipe and wow that loved one with your culinary ninja tactics.

  1. Hit a restaurant that doesn’t take reservations

In Vancouver, a ton of the hottest restaurants don’t even take reservations — I’m looking at you, Vij’s — so pretend like you planned it like that. Go grab a coffee and get ready to line up with the other hungry lovers that are braving the winter lineups to eat at a non-reserved dinner.

  1. Hit the town

While places might be booked up across the city, Valentine’s Day can always be a fun day for some people watching. Whether you catch a bus-stop domestic, or see some adorable grandparents holding hands, you could definitely catch some V-day action out in the real world.

  1. Reschedule!

It’s not too late! Were you able to make a reso or some fun plans… that just so happens to fall on a different day than February 14th? Go with it! Make a special day for your loved one, on another day. Trust us, it can definitely work.

There you have it. 4 things you can do in the next few hours that could save your Valentine’s. Happy loving!

Hit the comments to let us know any other great last minute tips and save the day.

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What are you looking for?