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App review: Had a glass brings big value on cheap wines

On the heels of Valentine’s Day, here is a great app to increase your knowledge of fine wines (at totally reasonable prices).

HadAGlass is $2.99 in the app store, and after downloading it on my iPhone a few days ago, it’s already paid for itself. This app features 100 of the best wines under $20 — since it gives such a detailed recommendation, I was able to save money on the wine I wanted, making the ~$3 purchase point of the app worthwhile.

I looked like a wine pro, and all it took was a 30 second download, 5 minutes on the app (on the bus, on the way to the liquore store) and a quick trip through the aisles.


  • 100 hand-picked wines, expertly reviewed
  • Food pairing suggestions for each wine
  • Occasions to enjoy every bottle too!
  • Easily searched by price, country, wine type, food, occasion, and more…
  • Bottle shots of each wine for easy reference in the liquor store
  • Essential information on wine enjoyment
  • Create your personal wine list of best bottles
  • Share favourite wines with your friends
  • A special wine “randomizer” for those times when you don’t want to choose!

In Vancouver and want to keep increasing your wine apptitude? Hit the East Van Wine Academy for great events, affordable pricing and a fun time. Pick up this great Canadian App and take in the flavours.

Any wine tips we need to know? Hit the comments!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?