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Meet Lisa Skakun, Mogo’s Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

It may not look like it, but it’s not always fun and games here at Mogo. There are a whole bunch of rules we have to follow because… well, finances. The cool thing is our Chief Legal & Administrative Officer is not all about finances. Even though she knows a lot about that too. Meet Lisa!

What brought you to Mogo?

Lisa: I had a crush on Mogo… I’d been watching them from afar (not in a stalker way but in a “Hmmm they’re interesting and I’d like to get to know them better kind of way”) and really liked what Mogo was doing in the area of disrupting traditional banking. When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to swipe right.

What does your average day look like?
Lisa: We don’t have “average” days at Mogo (that’s why I came here)! I can be working on anything from our recent awesome partnership with Postmedia to developing our employee experience to eating the Cartems’ donuts that get handed out every time a new employee starts. We’ve grown from 150 employees to 350 in the past 2 years, so that’s a lot of donuts!
What’s something that people might not expect about Mogo?

Lisa: Traditional banking products like loans and mortgages can be pretty boring. I think I just yawned saying that. Mogo’s CEO is leading the charge on reinventing traditional banking via a truly unique digital customer experience and brand.

Your background’s in law. What were the biggest changes in transitioning from a legal environment to a tech environment like Mogo?
Lisa: I dumped the suit and high heels for a pair of jeans and my Vans!
Can you explain why “legal and compliance” is so important for Mogo?

Lisa: Contrary to popular belief... like shoes, you can never have too many lawyers! Seriously though, at Mogo, we’re doing business in a highly regulated world, and we need to be on top of it at all times and know that we’re doing the right thing for our employees and customers.

Tell us about your two doggies!

Lisa: Sam and Stella. They’re family. Each of them is magic on four legs.

We heard you’re a bit of a foodie, so… favourite restaurant in Vancouver?
Lisa: Too many to pick from!
That’s such a cop-out!

Lisa: Okay okay, special shoutout to my friend Alistair Veen, chef and owner of Tap Restaurant in South Surrey who just won BC Sommelier of the Year. I highly recommend the curried prawns and scallops!


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