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Meet Lisa Skakun, Mogo’s Chief Legal & Administrative Officer

It may not look like it, but it’s not always fun and games here at Mogo. There are a whole bunch of rules we have to follow because… well, finances. The cool thing is our Chief Legal & Administrative Officer is not all about finances. Even though she knows a lot about that too. Meet Lisa! ![](/content/images/2016/02/mogo_lisaskakun_profile.jpg) What brought you to Mogo? Lisa: I had a crush on Mogo… I’d been watching them from afar (not in a stalker way but in a “Hmmm they’re interesting and I’d like to get to know them better kind of way”) and really liked what Mogo was doing in the area of disrupting traditional banking. When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to swipe right. ![](/content/images/2017/02/lisa_clear_whiteboard.jpg) What does your average day look like? Lisa: We don’t have “average” days at Mogo (that’s why I came here)! I can be working on anything from our recent awesome partnership with Postmedia to developing our employee experience to eating the Cartems’ donuts that get handed out every time a new employee starts. We’ve grown from

#Mogolife: The Creative Team + Macbook Air Giveaway

Inspiration finds itself in many ways these days, as you can see in the first video of our #MogoLife series, which takes you behind the scenes with Mogo’s brilliant creative team. ![](/content/images/2015/07/meet_our_team_v2-3.gif) From finding creativity in finances to defining what, exactly, Mogo is… our team is beyond incredible! Not only are we unafraid to be a bit crazy and inappropriate, disrupting old-school traditions also happens to be our thing. ![](/content/images/2015/07/art_team_video-1.gif) WATCH VIDEO NOW you can get the chance to become a creative genius like one of our very own, with our latest giveaway that will become your greatest creative tool. We are giving away a Macbook Air and a Herschel case to one of our lucky MogoMembers! ![](/content/images/2015/07/Newlsetter_MogoLife-image04.gif) If you are not a member yet, sign up today! SIGN UP TO BE A MEMBER PS. Stay tuned for our next #MogoLife video! If you’re a Mogo customer, and you’d like to be featured in a video, holler at us in the comments below.

#MogoLife Interview – DJ Smooth

**DJ Smooth** As one half of [The Goodfellas](, DJ Smooth is one of the hottest DJs in Canada today. Along with his partner Friktion, Smooth has held down some of the longest-running and most epic club nights Vancouver has ever seen. Known for their original style, The Goodfellas hold a top 10 spot in the legendary Crooklyn Clan's “The Vault” and have plans for a U.S. invasion this year. Next stop? Las Vegas! **Tell us what you’re up to these days?** We’ve been really busy making music. We’d been doing residencies at some of Vancouver’s hottest clubs for years, but our creativity took over and we wanted to take things to the next level so we’re cranking out mixes non-stop. We also spin at Opus Bar, the Belmont, Charles Bar and Portside some nights. **How did you get started in this industry?** I started making mixtapes when I was 15 and sold them for $10 each. By the end of high school, I was moving 50-60 tapes a week, which funded my record collection. Once I graduated I started spinning at a couple

#MogoLife Interview with Jackie Kai Ellis of Beaucoup Bakery

Jackie Kai Ellis - Life is sweet. Just ask Jackie Kai Ellis. Between whipping up pastries that will blow your mind at Beaucoup Bakery, hosting foodie holidays in France (The Paris Tours) and writing all about food, she’s on a permanent sugar high! She took off her apron just long enough to dish on Vancouver’s hidden gems, her fave spots to get her grub on, and the secret to the perfect cookie. #nomnom OUR INTERVIEW WITH JACKIE **What’s a typical day in your life like?** First things first, I check in on Beaucoup every morning. Each day is different, but it’s usually a mix of meetings, taste testing for the bakery, and creating recipes for TV appearances and articles I’m working on. Right now I’m writing for [Scout Mag](, [Van Sun](, [Vitamin Daily](, [Hayo]( and the [Food Network]( **Where do you get your inspiration for your recipes?** I love eating and discovering food, and originally I started cooking so I could taste those hard-to-find recipes that I couldn’t track down anywhere in Vancouver. Part of my inspiration comes from