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#MogoPerks: A year's supply of luxe white tees

A white tee is an essential everyday piece in a wardrobe—being shirtless should be reserved for other occasions! Encapsulating minimalism in the form of clothing, the white tee is easy-peasy to style with any outfit. It may be plain, but it still exudes an aura of ‘cool’ (thanks, James Dean).


We’re giving away a one-year subscription to White T Supply to one lucky MogoMember.

The only flaw with a white tee though, is how easily it accumulates dirt, going from pristine white to uneven shades of cream. To counter this, you usually have to wash the shirt with harsh products which ruin the fabric and overall feel. The other solution would be to go out of your way to buy a new white tee.

Luckily, we came across a much more convenient solution that we'd love to share with you: White T Supply! This company is subscription-based and delivers a fresh white tee to your door every three months. Simply add the quarterly subscription to your cart and check out. You'll be billed on the 18th of every quarter, and all you have to do is wear your white tee to the fullest without fear, knowing that you'll have a new one soon enough—without having to do anything.


We’re giving away a one-year subscription to White T Supply to one of our lucky MogoMembers, so if you’re not a member yet, sign up for free now! All you need is your email address. (Yes, it’s that easy.)

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?