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National Geographic picks St. Lawrence as the Best Food Market in the World

Toronto’s St. Lawrence food market cracked the nod as the best food market in the world from none other than National Geographic. Nestled in the heart of downtown Toronto, the St. Lawrence food market on Front Street is a delicious denizen of the old-town core.

The market has been in existence since 1803 and boasts a classic red brick façade and oodles of old-school charm. The large interior warehouse space is crammed with more than 120 vendors who sell everything from elk meat to marmalade. Hawking fresh ingredients, like organic veggies and seafood, to readymade delights, the St. Lawrence market has everything for the food aficionado or the hungry lunch crowd.

Food vendors take real pride in serving up the freshest and healthiest fare. Shop for ingredients to make the finest feasts or visit one of the many restaurant stalls for delicious meals. The famous pulled pork sandwiches are the stuff of legend.

Artisans also have a place in the market and shoppers can choose from a wide selection of uniquely crafted items like art, jewelry and clothing.

The St. Lawrence Market buildings on the north side of Front Street host the farmer’s market and the antiques market. The building on the south side of Front Street houses the restaurants and the gallery where shoppers can visit bakeries, delis and butcher shops. Market day is Saturday and all three market sections are bustling with customers. The farmer’s market is packed with locally grown produce and is the perfect shopping adventure for the locavore. Although the market is open during the week, it’s at its most lively on Saturdays. On Sundays, the food market is closed, but the street and courtyard are filled with antique vendors.

Although fairly reasonable, prices in the market are higher than you would pay at a large grocery store, but the produce and products are of the highest quality. The vendors are friendly and helpful and it’s nice to be reminded of a time when friendly personal, service was the norm.

Head down to the St. Lawrence market if you are looking for something delicious, looking for something interesting or even if you are just looking. You will be glad to add this piece of Toronto culture to your weekend ‘To Do’ list.

image via Ian Muttoo

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