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Meet Chairman Ting

Mogo continues to partner with artists around the world to create unique and original designs.  With our exclusive partnership with World renown artist “Chairman Ting” we’ll be introducing 2 more limited edition card designs.

Chairman Ting is a Canadian design collective formed by Carson Ting and Denise Cheung.


Ting himself is the creative mind behind projects for Nike Jordan, Toyota, Lexus, Sony, Vespa, and a ton of other cool, noteworthy brands. In addition to that, Chairman Ting is featured in the San Jose Tech Museum in California.

Check out a sample of some of his recent work:




Dunny Ting 2013



So, when can you get your hands on one of Chairman Ting’s exclusive Mogo Prepaid Visa Cards? Keep your eyes peeled for an official announcement, but it’s coming soon!


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?