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Introducing the new MogoAccount dashboard and the new Mogo iOS app

If you’ve logged into your MogoAccount recently, you’ve probably noticed a few changes—actually a lot of changes.

We wanted to make your account experience as intuitive, intelligent, functional, and enjoyable as possible. Our Product and Design teams worked tirelessly over the past year to create a seamless, interactive experience. We took your feedback as well, so we could build the best possible Dashboard for your financial needs. Okay, and we also wanted it to look super cool.

The New MogoAccount Dashboard

We knew it was important to give you a full snapshot of all your Mogo products right when you log in. So, you’ll see your MogoMoney (whether you currently have a loan or what you’re pre-approved for if you ever need it), your MogoCard balance, and your current credit score.


From here, you can get into the nitty gritty in each section by using the side navigation.

And, if you’re brand new to Mogo, creating an account is faster, easier, and more intuitive. You can create an account in just 3 minutes and have access to your free credit score, and everything else the MogoAccount has to offer.

*captured on August 30, 2016

On top of all that, the new Mogo app for iOS is here! It’s already one of the most popular Finance apps in the App Store, sharing space with PayPal (omg!). It gives you the full MogoAccount experience, on-the-go, with added features like push notifications showing you your transactions when you use your MogoCard. Cool, huh?

Credit Score

We’re the first company in Canada offering free credit score with free monthly credit score monitoring—and it doesn’t impact your credit score. Your credit score is basically your adult report card. It’s a great indicator of your financial health and it’s used to determine your eligibility for things like getting a mortgage or even renting a property. Our new dashboard (coming very soon) gives you a full view of your credit score, with monthly updates, and info on how you stack up to other Canadian’s scores.


Not only does the dashboard give you your free credit score and free monthly credit score monitoring, you’ll also see how your score stacks up against other Canadians, and how your score has changed over the past 6 months (all in a handy little graph). We also show you how close you are to the next range in the credit score scale so you can keep working towards your goals. Believe it or not, credit scores can shift from week to week.

We actually wrote an entire Blog post on the new credit score dashboard. That’s how awesome it is. Check it out.


The MogoMoney section of your dashboard shows you your no-obligation loan pre-approval. Unlike other lending experiences, you don’t have to go through the whole loan application to know what you’d be approved for. We wanted to give you a super transparent experience, with no obligation and no commitment. You’ll see your pre-approved amount, rate, term, and additional info on the loan. You can take it if you need it, or take it down the road.


And for those who have a loan product with us, we’re introducing a new dashboard (very soon) that’ll show you tons of useful info on your loan balance and payment dates so you can keep track of everything in one spot.

MogoCard (in beta)

The MogoCard is a reloadable Platinum Prepaid Visa® Card that helps you spend the smart way: by using your own money.

Our MogoCard is currently in beta, and if you’re one of our 250,000+ MogoMembers, you might have already received invite to start testing. (Lucky!)


Once we’re finished testing and tweaking we’ll be rolling it out to everyone, and we have to say, it’s a game changer.

When you load up your MogoCard (seamlessly from your existing bank account), you’ll see your account balance and transaction history all in the dashboard. And, when you download the new MogoApp, you’ll also get push notifications on your phone every time you use your card, so you can manage your balance from wherever.

The MogoCard is an amazing budgeting tool whether you’re using it on vacation, or just managing your lunch money. Read more on how to set a ‘day rate’ for yourself here.


And there’s more to come.

Spoiler alert! We’re working hard on our Mogo mortgage product.

Get ready to meet the fastest, no-hassle-est mortgage application you’ve ever seen.


Don’t have a MogoAccount?

Have one already? Download the MogoApp for all of the above awesomeness on-the-go

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What are you looking for?