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Offseason Purchases Can Save You Big Cash

Sometimes you just can’t get around making big purchases, and that’s part of life. But large scale purchases can go in your favor – especially when you make sure to buy at the right time.

Besides, when you work hard for your money and set aside some for fun stuff, there’s no harm in getting something for yourself.

For example, I’m in the market to get some new skis. My current ones were bought used and have seen quiet a few seasons. It’s time to get new ones, but I’m going to be smart about it.

I knew I wanted to get skis in October, but with the season just around the corner, ski prices were as high as possible. I decided to wait and see what kind of deals there would be as the year progressed. Into the new year, there are more used options, rentals for sale, and all the equipment out there is getting older.

If I’m able to wait another 2 months, prices (and demand) will drop even further.

So – even if you don’t ski, you could take a lesson for this. When you’re able to plan ahead for purchases, you get something you want, and pay the right price. While we’re in the middle of a dark winter, I know summer feels like a long ways off… but if you’re going to be in the market for a bike, you’d be better served to check out the market now than waiting until spring.

Also, as spring comes, you could start planning for next winter and grab some of this season’s winter clothes. When you’re able to buy when the demand is low, there are savings. As usual, when you plan your purchases ahead of time (instead of waiting on impulse) you can save a lot of cash.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?