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Tax Terms You Need To Know

As tax season intensifies (this is the only verb that accurately describes the ramp up to filing day), it’s important to make sure you’ve got your basic tax vocabulary on lock for one simple reason: making the process less painful for you. Whether you’re filing taxes for the first time, or you’re new to Canada, or you’ve never filed on your own before, it’s frustrating to pause every few minutes to Google a specific term. With any luck, we can take some of that pressure off here, with a crash

50/30/20: Budgeting for people who think budgeting sucks

Budgeting is hard, and we are the first to admit that managing money presents a unique challenge. Managing the numbers is (relatively) easy, but managing our very human wants, needs, and goals can be really hard, and balancing the lot can feel impossible. This is why rigid, granular budgets don’t really work for us. If we overspend on wine (let’s be real lmao), we don’t want to feel like trash, we just want a plan to move forward, better. Thankfully, our better budget is a simple one. Meet th