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Social media etiquette: how to keep your nose clean online

The advent of social media has changed the very fabric of communication. All this new information we have access to can become overwhelming if not managed properly. This new form of interacting is in its infancy and users are just beginning to find their feet. This means that there are no hard and fast rules about interaction, but there are things that universally annoy.

If your social media account is not enriching your life, you can easily change your setting to make the experience more enjoyable. You can limit input from friends whose posts are not adding to your social media experience so that your wall is filled with great content that you enjoy reading.

  1. Too much information: Limit friends who post too often about the banal. Sharing is great and yes, you do want to hear about their day, but avoid those who share minor details that you wouldn’t waste a phone call on.
  2. Soapboxing: Having the occasional rant can be cathartic, but limit those who bombard you with a continuous stream of negativity. If your friends have had a bad day, friends and family members can really help to raise their spirits, but they should use this wonderful social media feature sparingly.
  3. Game updates: Avoid these like the plague. Limit posts by friends who update your continuously about their Farmville progress or constantly bug you to join their zombie hunting team. Its ok if they invite you to a game or application once, but further updates should be discouraged.
  4. Have fun! Social media is a great way to share your life with friends and family members. People really do love to hear more about you, see your pictures and know what important events happen in your life. So enjoy your social media accounts and use them to enrich your own life and those of your loyal fans.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?