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The $50 Long Weekend

A little while ago, my esteemed colleague Jill Duke proposed a $100 Long Weekend. Her ideas were awesome, and I salute her. However, I think I can do better. I present to you the $50 long weekend.


Remaining: $50

Two words: Rice. Beans. Make some rice in a big pot, and throw some beans on top. Black bens are the best. Make a big pot, cuz this is what you’re eating all weekend. You should probably sleep outside, cuz, well…


Remaining: $45

Let’s hit the beach. Bring some rice and beans, and grab some cold ones on the way. Bring enough drinks, food, water, and stuff to occupy your brain so that you can spend the afternoon there. Don’t have a beach nearby? A park or backyard works just as well.


Remaining: $25

Scary stories! Scavenger hunts and kick the can are great and all, but if you live in a smaller community like I do it gets dark quick. Get that tent up in the backyard and grab a flashlight—it’s scary story time. When’s the last time you did that?


Remaining: $25

Okay, I’m hungry. I admit it. Rice and beans is not doing it for me. Maybe Jill was onto something with the $100 limit, because I’m afraid to go shopping now. Hmm. Okay,  here’s an idea: Grey Cup soup! My stepdad has a great recipe that he reserves for Grey Cup time, where he makes a soup with whatever is in the fridge. That’s the only rules: whatever’s in the fridge. Here we go.


Remaining: $15

It’s hard to make soup when all you’ve got is mustard packets and a few pieces of celery. So I caved and bought some hot dogs, which I will now make over the fire. At least I know I have mustard! After that, my wife recommends we do one of our favourite things, which is Open Housing. We’re not intending to buy anything, but we like to see how other people live. You’d be amazed at the interior decorating ideas you get from looking at other people’s living rooms. Plus it’s fun to pretend to have more money than you do sometimes. Haha…


Remaining: -$5

Okay, so the wife caved and bought pizza. She argues she never agreed to this $50 weekend in the first place, and if she sees another bean she’s going to barf. She’s also watching the Goonies inside because she wanted to have a quiet night in. I’m in the tent, cuz I’m stubborn.


Remaining: -$15

Early this morning, the wife and I went to the long weekend farmer’s market and bought some new farm eggs and some fresh bacon from a local pig farmer. We’re eating it in our kitchen now, and while the $100 long weekend is pretty amazing—way to go Jill—the $50 long weekend is pretty much impossible. I admit it! I was wrong!

But it was the first time I’ve ever been wrong, so…

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?