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Spring break - how to save but still have fun

Canadian winter is finally leaving us.

We suffered through to cold, rain and snow for the past few months, and spring is coming. That means allergies flowers, soreness outdoor activities and big costs spring break.

While we’d all probably love to hop on a plane and hit some foreign beaches for spring break, that’s not always within financial reach. So if you’ve got some time off coming – or your kids are out of school for the week – it’s time to start planning some last minute ways to have spring break without being spring broke.

The Staycation

You know how this works. Stick around! Be a tourist in your own town and take in the sites you’ve been meaning to see. With the nice weather lately, it’s going to feel like a brand new place.

Last minute deals

Whether you’re using a travel agent, or checking out the best deals online, there are last-minute deals if you’re not exactly sure where you want to go. Start with a budget, and then see which locations fit into your plan!

The road trip

Cut out one of the biggest expenses: flights! Hit the road the good old fashioned way, by actually hitting the road. You can use Hotwire and camping spots to further cut your costs and keep the trip lean.

Any more tips for us? Let us know your spring break plans!

image via davidandnasha

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What are you looking for?