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A look at the best dog parks in the City of Toronto

Toronto is a dog friendly city and now that spring has sprung, owners and their best friends are making the most of the warm weather. If you have a dog in the city, there are tons of really great dog parks for you to choose from. Here Spot can be seen running, playing and generally being a good boy. Off leash areas mean dogs can romp with wild abandon while owners take a well deserved rest.

High Park

The grand daddy of all parks, High Park has a large fenced-in section set aside for dog owners. The dog park includes a large wooded area, a small stream and an off-leash play area with picnic tables where owners can sit. This dog park is really busy, so there’s always someone for your dog to play with. There is a tap for drinking water in the play area.

Cherry Beach

This picturesque park on the lakeshore is perfect for an afternoon stroll. It’s completely fenced in, has restrooms and benches for owners as well as convenient parking. The park can be found at the bottom of Cherry Street and is open 24 hours a day.

Coronation Park

711 Lakeshore Boulevard is home to the Coronation Park off-leash area. This is a simply gorgeous park that is fully fenced in to ensure your dog’s safety. Restrooms, benches and tables make it a comfortable area for owners too. Convenient parking is available if you don’t live nearby.

Make sure you adhere to off-leash etiquette (signs are posted) and bring along your own dog bags as not all parks have bag dispensers. Keep dogs on their leashes outside of designated off-leash areas to prevent accidents.

Find a comprehensive list of dog parks in the city and surrounding areas here.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?