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Back to the Future with the Hoverboard

If you’re like most people who lived through the eighties or even nineties, you’ve surely found yourself amused and amazed with mind-wanderings of riding in a hovercraft and mimicking Marty McFly. But if you’re a kid (or even an adult, for that matter) in today’s world, you won’t just have to mind-wander about the excitement of a hovering mobility device from the future – instead you’ll be able to physically stand and hover on a hovering device from the present.

Meet Hendo Hoverboard, the world’s first (real) hoverboard driven by magnetic levitation abilities. Lifting the bar from years of hoaxboards to the reality of a functioning hoverboard, Hendo offers the freedom of a car with the efficiency of a train. A dream realized, us consumers can see the future unfold before our eyes and beneath our feet – now with an invention that gives the wheel a run for its money.

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What are you looking for?