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Summer Wedding Savings Tips – How To Be A Smart Spending Guest

I’ve been looking through my summer schedule and it hit me: I’m scheduled to attend three weddings this summer! This is a joyous (set of) occasions, but it could also be expensive. It’s tough to skimp on anyone’s wedding – especially good friends’ – but there are ways you can be cost-effective.

Here are four tips that will save you some cash, while still being generous and fun-loving.

1. Get together (on gifts)

Wedding registries are usually packed with great stuff for the bride and groom – and if they’re thoughtful of their guests it should also have a wide range of prices to wish them well. Sometimes, though, when I finally get to the registry, all of the items are in my price range, or I would prefer to get them something at a higher range.

For this, there’s nothing wrong with going in on a gift with a few other guests. Chances are, you’ll know a few people at the wedding – so three or four of you can team up on that ridiculous crystal gravy boat that the bride (or groom) can’t seem to live without, but you can’t afford on your own!

2. Dress for the date (a few times)

As a guy, I know this is a little bit easier, but try and get as much milage out of your summer finest as possible. I’ll be going to all three of the weddings this summer in the same suit. It’s a light fabric, and is navy – so it’ll be comfortable, without sticking out. I’ve got a variety of ties that can change up the look, so nobody will notice – they’ll all be looking at the bride anyways, so don’t worry about doubling up on a wedding outfit.

3. Carpool

Leaving town for a wedding? As we mentioned before, you probably know some of the other attendees. Why waste money on flights or double up on gas when you can head out together? Go as a group and the party will probably start a little earlier. For me, this is also great because with more people, the easier it can be to have a safe designated driver.

4. Set A Budget

****When going to a friend’s wedding, you’ll rarely want to question any expense. But it’s a great idea to set a budget. Know how much you’re comfortable spending over the wedding weekend and stick with it. Other than the wedding you might be renting cars, going out for meals, or picking up a few rounds of drinks. Be realistic with your plans and set aside what you’re going to need.

Have fun out there, and grab an extra piece of cake for Mogo! ;)

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?