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Save One Hundred In Ten Minutes On Back To School Supplies

It’s time to get serious about back to school shopping. Sending the kids out there is a big responsibility, and an essential part of 18-years (or more!) worth of Septembers. Here is something to try this year that will make next year much, much easier. We’re all about planning for the future and making sure your money works hard for you. At the same time, we want to make sure you’re doing as little as possible – it’s human nature, we want to save on work as much as we want to save on spending. Try bulking up on the essentials for back-to-school. We’re not saying build an Office Depot in your basement or garage, but find out what you always need to pick up for the year and double up on the order. Things like binders, lined paper, pencils, pens and basic art supplies aren’t going to go bad – and are going to be standard issue school supplies for the rest of time (until we’re all taught by robots, typing on tablets). Buying in bulk gives you more purchasing power and takes an incredibly small amount of time – especially when you compare picking

Summer Savings Part 4: Techniques for Cheap Summer Trips

The August long weekend is looming and many Canadians are hitting the streets for a classic road trip. The common concern: pricey gas! Mogo is here with Five Great Tips to Save on Gas this Summer. These five tips are all simple and will save you a few bucks. While they might not be huge cash savers, if you stick to all of them, you’ll definitely notice the impact on your gas receipts. Travel light: Think before you pack! Extra items like golf clubs, roof racks, bikes and extra bags will add more weight to the car. If you can cut down in a big way, you’ll spend less money on gas and be a lighter, cheaper vehicle. 2. Plan your route: Nothing says ‘wasted gas’ like driving an extra few Kms on the highway, rounding the block while you look for a hotel or spend time looking for a place to go. If you know exactly where you’re heading and have maps, you can cut down on extra gas and mileage. Spend your time having fun, not looking for the fun. 3. The right tire pressure: Your tires can be draining your gas budget much more

Cheap Summer Holiday Ideas for the Whole Family

It’s that time of year again! The kids are out of school and summer holidays are on the horizon. While we all want to get out there and have as much summer fun as possible, it’s important to keep those summer budgets in line! Here are some great summer vacation options that won’t bust your budget wide open – with plenty of room for fun in the sun: Mini-vacations Instead of taking one or two weeks off, taking up the bulk of your summer cash, why not plan a few different weekends of fun? Stretch out your budget by staying close to home and doing a variety of fun activities over the entire summer. This might give you some more enjoyment throughout the season, without having to block big chunks of work off. Book Last Minute Ready to take a vacation, and don’t really care where you go? Check last minute listings – or discount travel sites like Hotwire or Priceline – as a great way to get a lot of bang for your holiday bucks. Getting away with the family is a big part of it – and if your destination is wide open, there are big savings to

3 Great Father's Day Presents On A Budget

Father’s Day 2011 is just about here, and it’s time to start thinking of a great present for dear old dad. If your father is anything like mine, he doesn’t want you to make a big fuss, or spend a ton of money on him for Fathers Day. Luckily for Dad, and you, there are some great ways to spend a little and give a lot this time of year. Keep to the traditional gifts and you’ll be light on the wallet, while still making sure your dad has a great day. Here are some of my favourite low-cost Father’s Day presents and activities to make for a special day on a light budget: 1. The Right Steak This one is foolproof in my family. If it’s Father’s Day and it’s my Dad and I, I’ll stop at the butcher to grab a few steaks and light the grill as soon as I arrive. There’s nothing like some good dude-time on the back deck while cooking a steak. Dad loves it, and the only cost is dinner. It definitely means more to pick out steaks and cook at home – rather

4 Tips For a Cheap & Memorable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – so don’t forget! This Sunday, nothing will make your mom more proud than a thoughtful gift or reminder…that doesn’t break the bank. So when this Sunday rolls around, be prepared to bring a smile to Mom’s face without making her worry ‘about all that money you must have spent!’ Four great ways to show Mom that you care: 1. Skype Date Out of town? We all now that domestic Canadian flight costs can really add up – especially if you’re just traveling for the weekend. Why not connect your living-rooms for free online? My mom lives on the other side of the country, so this Sunday we’re going to have brunch together… over the computer. I got in touch with my dad to find out what they’re having to eat, and I’ll make myself the same meal. The cost: < $10, and the payoff will be great. Mom’s appreciate the effort a lot more than the pricetag! 2. Pictures This one’s a gimmie. Print your mom a photo and put it in a frame. What mother doesn’t want more photos of their