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Save One Hundred In Ten Minutes On Back To School Supplies

It’s time to get serious about back to school shopping. Sending the kids out there is a big responsibility, and an essential part of 18-years (or more!) worth of Septembers.

Here is something to try this year that will make next year much, much easier. We’re all about planning for the future and making sure your money works hard for you. At the same time, we want to make sure you’re doing as little as possible – it’s human nature, we want to save on work as much as we want to save on spending.

Try bulking up on the essentials for back-to-school. We’re not saying build an Office Depot in your basement or garage, but find out what you always need to pick up for the year and double up on the order. Things like binders, lined paper, pencils, pens and basic art supplies aren’t going to go bad – and are going to be standard issue school supplies for the rest of time (until we’re all taught by robots, typing on tablets).

Buying in bulk gives you more purchasing power and takes an incredibly small amount of time – especially when you compare picking up a few extra binders with another crazy trip to the mall next September.

You can feel good about being prepared early by getting the work done ahead of time. This will also cut down on mid-semester trips when Junior loses his entire collection of notebooks, the dog eats her algebra or any other supply-based tragedy.

Yes – this is one of those instances where a relatively small amount of time and money invested now, will save you quite a bit of effort in the future. Get it out of the way, and take some extra time to enjoy yourself later.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?