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4 Tips For a Cheap & Memorable Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner – so don’t forget! This Sunday, nothing will make your mom more proud than a thoughtful gift or reminder…that doesn’t break the bank.

So when this Sunday rolls around, be prepared to bring a smile to Mom’s face without making her worry ‘about all that money you must have spent!’

Four great ways to show Mom that you care:

1. Skype Date

Out of town? We all now that domestic Canadian flight costs can really add up – especially if you’re just traveling for the weekend. Why not connect your living-rooms for free online?

My mom lives on the other side of the country, so this Sunday we’re going to have brunch together… over the computer. I got in touch with my dad to find out what they’re having to eat, and I’ll make myself the same meal. The cost: < $10, and the payoff will be great. Mom’s appreciate the effort a lot more than the pricetag!

2. Pictures

This one’s a gimmie. Print your mom a photo and put it in a frame. What mother doesn’t want more photos of their brood?

If you’re totally strapped on cash and can’t go this route, find some old photos and make a Facebook album titled “Best Mom Evaahhhhhhh”. Again – she’ll really love it.

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3. Put yourself to work

If you are at home for Mother’s Day this year, make yourself useful. The old stand-bys of cleaning the house, doing the dishes, or generally making yourself useful are always great for Mom. Heck – maybe you can even get into the habit and help out year round.

4. Budget for it

If you do want to spend a bit on Mom, but can’t, then start planning for next year. A little budgeting makes present-giving easy. Simply put $7 each month into a bank account marked ‘Mom’. By this time next year you’ll have $84. It’s that easy.

MOTHER’S DAY CONTEST: What savings tip did your mom teach you? Tell us and she could get a flower delivery on Mother’s Day!

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What are you looking for?