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Celebrity Halloween Do’s and Don’ts by Refinery 29.

The holiday is before us, and it’s safe to say that every girl and guy in town is wondering the same thought: “What the bloody hell am I going to be this year for Halloween?” Since the vampire idea didn’t work out so well for you last year (though, perhaps with a deeper shade of faux blood…) we can turn to those who know a lot more about playing a role and dressing up in costume than we do. Proving that black cats and ghost costumes need not be included in the mix, while demonstrating that liter

DIY Halloween Haunted House for under $30

This Halloween, turn your humble abode into a pit of seething horror for the neighbourhood kids with a few simple house-of-horror pranks. You can give your kids a thrill or create the ultimate Halloween party location without spending a fortune. The first step is to demarcate the path through your house of horror. You may choose to do this in your garage, in your garden or make a pathway through your living room by using garbage bags which can be split open along the sides for added length. Lay

The Economy of Halloween

Don’t fool yourself. Halloween is big business. As a continent, we spend billions of dollars in the fright department. As predicted by the National Retail Federation, our neighbors to the south (Americans) will be spending $6.86 billion on Halloween this year. That’s the 10th ranked most expensive holiday, averaging out about $72.31 on treats, tricks, costumes and parties. Halloween expenses have jumped up about 8% since 2008, so the spooky spending is definitely on the rise. Rather than try t

5 Halloween Costumes Under $10

As I told you last time, getting a store-bought Halloween costume can turn into a sweaty, expensive, candy-coated mess, so here are 10 nearly free costumes that are either: • easy • awesome • cheap • kind of funny • all of the above As you’ll see, this list doesn’t cover everything, but hopefully you’ll be able to find something in there to boost your Halloween trick or treat cred. 1. Sexy _____ Girls have this one locked down. You can turn ANYTHING into a sexy version for Halloween. Oth

Halloween Ideas That Are Cheap & Fun

October 31st doesn’t have to be the scariest time of year for your wallet. Getting into the Halloween spirit can be as cheap as it is fun. That means more money for tricks, treats and Halloween parties – instead of wasted cash on an outfit you’re going to only wear once. Without being lame, there are some great ways to save around this spooky season and get into the SMART SPENDING mode that we love at the Mogo Blog. We already took a look at what you can do to be cash-savvy with your kids’ cos