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5 Halloween Costumes Under $10

As I told you last time, getting a store-bought Halloween costume can turn into a sweaty, expensive, candy-coated mess, so here are 10 nearly free costumes that are either:

• easy

• awesome

• cheap

• kind of funny

• all of the above

As you’ll see, this list doesn’t cover everything, but hopefully you’ll be able to find something in there to boost your Halloween trick or treat cred.

1. Sexy _____

Girls have this one locked down. You can turn ANYTHING into a sexy version for Halloween. Other than Arbor Day, Halloween is easily our most provocative holiday.

2. A Formal Apology

This one is sort of high-level. You wear that black suit you drag out of your closet once a year and you dress as formally as you can. Then you have a sign that says ‘I’m sorry’. Boom. FORMAL APOLOGY. English nerds will love it.

3. Robots

What’s more fun than taping together cardboard boxes and spray painting them with silver spray paint? Nothing. (similar, and awesome: these lego men costumes).

**4. **Last year’s Halloween costume

Chances are, no one remembers what you were last year. Dig that thing out, take the kids out trick or treating and call it a (spooky) night.

5. Zombies

Zombies are having a real moment right now (and for the past few years). Get in on it with this super easy and recognizable costume. Rip up some old clothes, apply costume blood and moan for brains.

Have any more cheap and easy Halloween costumes for us? Hit up the comments to have your Halloween voice be heard.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?