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The greatest Canadian beer commercial you'll ever see

Budweiser Canada’s 2012 Super Bowl commercial is, without a doubt, my favorite beer commercial. They told two rec league hockey teams that they were filming a documentary on beer-league hockey teams, and totally lied. Instead they packed their regular rink with rabid fans, face paint, t-shirt guns and mega replay screens. Check out the video for the shock, surprise and a bunch of regular Joes turned into superstars for one night. H/T to the PuckDaddy blog for pointing this video out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to grab a frosty brew. Image = screen grab from Bud commercial.

Watching Sports & Saving Money: Easy

It’s Sunday, the NFL schedule is packed, MLB is getting close to the playoffs and the NHL and NBA seasons are just around the corner. As a sports fan, this is one of my favorite times of the year. There are numerous excuses to sit down and take in multiple games each week – just ask my fiancé. But just because there are reasons to watch games, doesn’t mean there are reasons to blow your paycheque. Catching games is one of the cheapest ways I can get together with a lot of friends at a set time. Check out these tips for fun & cheap game days: Homefield Advantage Teams usually perform better at home, and so will you. Instead of spending an evening out at a sports bar, why not host the action at your place? You don’t even need to drag your butt off the couch and you’ll save on costs. Picking up a few beers, snacks and soft drinks always costs me less than dinner and drinks while watching the Canucks play. The Stats that line up: Sports Bar: ****Meal: $12 3 Pints: $12-$18 Transit: $5 Home: Meal: Whatever you want it to