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Watching Sports & Saving Money: Easy

It’s Sunday, the NFL schedule is packed, MLB is getting close to the playoffs and the NHL and NBA seasons are just around the corner. As a sports fan, this is one of my favorite times of the year. There are numerous excuses to sit down and take in multiple games each week – just ask my fiancé.

But just because there are reasons to watch games, doesn’t mean there are reasons to blow your paycheque. Catching games is one of the cheapest ways I can get together with a lot of friends at a set time.

Check out these tips for fun & cheap game days:

Homefield Advantage

Teams usually perform better at home, and so will you. Instead of spending an evening out at a sports bar, why not host the action at your place? You don’t even need to drag your butt off the couch and you’ll save on costs. Picking up a few beers, snacks and soft drinks always costs me less than dinner and drinks while watching the Canucks play.

The Stats that line up:

Sports Bar:

****Meal: $12

3 Pints: $12-$18

Transit: $5


Meal: Whatever you want it to be

A few beer: $10

Transit: $0

Games of the Week

Bills can add up if you start making every game an event. Look at the sports calendar to choose weekends or evenings will featured games. Games like home openers or matchups against big rivals will feel like more of an event if you get the gang together.

Hang out with your buddies, catch a few games and save money in the process. That, my friends, is win-win-win… now if only your team could do that.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?