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Save $10 in 10 Minutes: Make One Cut Per Week

We want you to save money at the Mogo Stop The Pain of Overspending Blog, but we also know we’ve got to be reasonable about it. We’re never going to tell you  to Never go out and get a coffee! Or Always get the cheapest option at every restaurant! But there are some great things you can do each and every week to keep up with your savings cycle and barely notice you’re spending fewer bucks. This is an easy and rewarding way to save on the little things – that will eventually add up – make one cut a week. What To Do: Find out some of your usual week-to-week expenses (coffee, lunches out, Friday night movie, whatever) and see what they actually cost you. Identify one item to cut from the list for the next 7 days. That’s it. On your last grocery trip did you find a great deal on sandwich supplies? Make your lunch for the entire week instead of going out for a similar sandwich (that costs much more). How it Works: This process only works if you figure out how much each cut will actually save you. If you miss out on

How I Saved $10/Month On My Phone Bill In 10 Minutes!

This Save $10 in 10 Minutes savings tip is easy and quick – anyone with a cell phone should stop texting for a minute and read on. Who knew that using my phone could save me cash? But that’s what just happened. You know the drill – you sit down to open your mail, you get hit with your phone bill and it’s almost always bigger than expected. Did I really talk that much? Yes, apparently I did. People often assume that a cell phone bill just costs what it costs, and that’s the end of it – but those people are missing out on a great chance to save cash. Many people sign up for their cell phone plan and never look at it again. If your plan isn’t exactly what you need, then you could be throwing money at companies that really don’t need it! Any of the big Canadian wireless companies have a big variety of talk/text/data plans that fit any number of users. Take a few minutes to review your bill and ensure you’re not wasting any cash on features you don’t use. Take me for example: I was spending