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How I Saved $10/Month On My Phone Bill In 10 Minutes!

This Save $10 in 10 Minutes savings tip is easy and quick – anyone with a cell phone should stop texting for a minute and read on. Who knew that using my phone could save me cash? But that’s what just happened.

You know the drill – you sit down to open your mail, you get hit with your phone bill and it’s almost always bigger than expected. Did I really talk that much? Yes, apparently I did.

People often assume that a cell phone bill just costs what it costs, and that’s the end of it – but those people are missing out on a great chance to save cash. Many people sign up for their cell phone plan and never look at it again. If your plan isn’t exactly what you need, then you could be throwing money at companies that really don’t need it!

Any of the big Canadian wireless companies have a big variety of talk/text/data plans that fit any number of users. Take a few minutes to review your bill and ensure you’re not wasting any cash on features you don’t use.

Take me for example:

I was spending $65/month on my phone bill (and sometimes more when I forgot about things like daytime minutes, long distance and too many texts). That’s when I decided to sit down and really look at my bill (2 minutes).

I realized that I was sending more texts than my plan allowed, but not using as much talk time as I thought I was.

I picked up the phone and made the (free) call to my wireless provider and spoke to a customer service rep (5 minutes). She confirmed that while I was going over my limit on texts, I was well under my talking minutes. She said that for a few dollars I could increase my plan to unlimited text, and drop my talk time plan by $13.

Feeling optimistic, I asked if she could extend my free evening talk time to start at 6pm instead of 8pm. That way I could chat worry-free after work – when I was making the bulk of my calls anyways. And she said, “yes”. (1 minute).

In less than 10 minutes I dropped my phone bill by $10/month or $120/year. It’s that easy.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?