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Want to see an $11 million car?

While the Maybach might be dead, there are still many, many choices for the uber-wealthy. Case in point, the $11million Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. It’s a ruby-coated, gold-dipped, ‘Red Gold Dream’. This totally reasonable commuter vehicle is owned by Swiss jet-setter Euli Anlicker. Anlicker, in addition to having a kinda-sorta-dirty-sounding last name does the kinds of things you’d imagine a 12 year kid would do with a lot of money: he goes on crazy trips, builds gold plated cars, opens lounges with PS3s everywhere, and hangs out with models. As of now, the car is stocked with 700 horse power and is gaining ‘significant cash offers’ from prospective buyers in Asia and the Middle East. Somehow I can totally picture this red rocket ripping around on those palm tree shaped islands in Dubai. For whomever picks it up, there is a state of the art security system that includes remote disabling, satellite tracking and an alarm that will probably burst your eardrums. Now tell me, is this the car of your dreams? Or would you opt for something a little more low-key? Image from Anlicker’s site.

“…is the biggest waste of money!” Complete The Line & Win an iPod Shuffle!

Check out our latest Twitter contest to win an Apple iPod Shuffle! Just follow these 3 easy steps: 1. Follow Mogo on Twitter: 2. Copy and paste this text into your Twitter status box: “…is the biggest waste of #money! Follow @mogomoney” Complete the line to #win an #iPod Shuffle!* 3. Complete the line and hit TWEET! Tweet away and good luck! Open to Canadian residents only. Contest closes April 30, 2011 @ 11:59pm EST. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by private Twitter message. 1 entry per original tweet. The lucky winner is @dewinner. Thank you to everyone to who tweeted and followed us. Way to go for sharing some great savings ideas!

Save $100 In 10 Minutes: When Saving Money Costs You Money: The Gym Pass

Sometimes our own good intentions and the desire to save money can get in the way of smart spending. We all want to be healthier and spend less money at times, so a gym pass is an item that many of us have bought at one time or another. I don’t know about you, but going to the gym all the time is tough for me. I go in spurts – lots one month and barely at all the next. However, with a year-long pass I’m still required to pay – even when I’m being lazy, sick or out of town. If you are a regular gym-goer, this might not apply to you, but as a well-intentioned-workout-skipper, this change of thinking has actually saved me money. Instead of getting another gym pass when my recent one expired, I started paying for each session individually. Instead of being on the hook for $45/month, I pay $7.50/session. That means, I would need to go to the gym six times/month to pay off my previous membership. But if I go only five times (pretty realistic) I actually save money over the year-long pass. Additionally, I’m able to

Three Expenses You Will Never Miss!

Think saving cash is tough? It doesn’t have to be. Here are three expenses we’ve all been slammed with that you can get rid of, with almost not change to your lifestyle. Knock these out of your spending routine and save upwards of $100/week. Breakfast on the Go I’m not a morning person so if I can stumble out of my apartment with pants and a shirt on, it’s considered a ‘win’. Making breakfast is tough for me. Because of that, I was constantly buying a coffee and a snack on the way to work. Those regular costs really add up (even at $5/day, that’s $35/week  - on nothing). I started putting granola bars into my backpack and taking advantage of the coffee around the office – and cut those breakfast expenses by 70%. I’m not even awake enough to enjoy the food anyways, why not save some cash? Late Fees We all hate bills… heck I don’t even open them right away. Instead they go in a pile to be paid – later. Problem is, later often meant I was late on my payments – and ended up having to pay late