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Three Expenses You Will Never Miss!

Think saving cash is tough? It doesn’t have to be. Here are three expenses we’ve all been slammed with that you can get rid of, with almost not change to your lifestyle. Knock these out of your spending routine and save upwards of $100/week.

Breakfast on the Go

I’m not a morning person so if I can stumble out of my apartment with pants and a shirt on, it’s considered a ‘win’. Making breakfast is tough for me. Because of that, I was constantly buying a coffee and a snack on the way to work. Those regular costs really add up (even at $5/day, that’s $35/week  - on nothing).

I started putting granola bars into my backpack and taking advantage of the coffee around the office – and cut those breakfast expenses by 70%. I’m not even awake enough to enjoy the food anyways, why not save some cash?

Late Fees

We all hate bills… heck I don’t even open them right away. Instead they go in a pile to be paid – later. Problem is, later often meant I was late on my payments – and ended up having to pay late fees.

To battle this, I automated my regular monthly bills and connected them to my bank account. Now, instead of writing a cheque and mailing (cost of my time, stamps and envelopes) I let my online banking take care of it for me and never pay a late fee.

Newspaper Subscription

I subscribed to the Globe and Mail and the Vancouver Sun for years without even thinking of it. My parents got the same papers, so I thought it was just part of living on my own. I realized that I was barely reading the papers, let alone both of them everyday.

I canceled the subscriptions and started reading the news online (heck, I’m already paying for an Internet connection) and bought the occasional Sunday paper instead. Or sometimes, instead of buying the paper, I head down to Starbucks, treat myself to a coffee and just read one of the copies left there.  This led to a big savings on something I wasn’t even using.


What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?