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Want to see an $11 million car?

While the Maybach might be dead, there are still many, many choices for the uber-wealthy. Case in point, the $11million Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren. It’s a ruby-coated, gold-dipped, ‘Red Gold Dream’.

This totally reasonable commuter vehicle is owned by Swiss jet-setter Euli Anlicker. Anlicker, in addition to having a kinda-sorta-dirty-sounding last name does the kinds of things you’d imagine a 12 year kid would do with a lot of money: he goes on crazy trips, builds gold plated cars, opens lounges with PS3s everywhere, and hangs out with models.

As of now, the car is stocked with 700 horse power and is gaining ‘significant cash offers’ from prospective buyers in Asia and the Middle East. Somehow I can totally picture this red rocket ripping around on those palm tree shaped islands in Dubai. For whomever picks it up, there is a state of the art security system that includes remote disabling, satellite tracking and an alarm that will probably burst your eardrums.

Now tell me, is this the car of your dreams? Or would you opt for something a little more low-key?

Image from Anlicker’s site.

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?