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Thanksgiving Travel Tips

October is here and that means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. As sure as the leaves are turning and our country is getting closer to winter (first frost!? Are you kidding?), we’ll soon be heading back to family dinners and too many mashed potatoes.

We already told you how to save some cash on holiday cooking for Thanksgiving, now it’s time to dial in the other half of Thanks-savings: travel.

Seeing your family and friends in other cities is important during the holidays, but travel can really rack up bills. We all know that holidays are usually anything but cheap.

Play the Host

As we mentioned, Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t need to be expensive, so you can definitely save some cash by hosting the event at your place. This is a great way to show Mom & Pop how grown up you are and spice up the holiday routine that you’re used to.

Change the Date, Not the Holiday

Airlines know when holiday season and peak flight times are, so they adjust their prices accordingly. If you want to fly out after work on Friday, and come back early Tuesday morning, you’re going to have to pay dearly for it.

That’s why my family and I have often shifted our calendar a little over the past few years. Basically, I’ve only spent one December 25th with my parents in the last five years, but I haven’t missed a Christmas. While this doesn’t work for everybody, we get family time together each year and then a new experience when the actual date rolls around.

Make sure to check out our Savings Alert Centre for an Air Canada Thanksgiving seat sale!

Get Together

Chances are, if you’re heading back to your hometown, you know other people that are too. Arrange carpools and ride shares to slash costs and get there in style. It might take longer, but it could turn into a new tradition!


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