Hype, Hurt, and Hope: 2015 in Instagram pix

See what happened around the world this year through the lens (and filters) of Instagram.

Tom Brady accused of tampering with pressure of footballs in AFC championship game, aka. probably one of the most creative ways of cheating in football to date.

Left Shark dances to its own beat, wins the internet.

Controversial dress gets more attention than any Vera Wang or Dolce red carpet dress in 2015, starts heated discussions, and ends friendships. (BUT SERIOUSLY IS IT BLUE AND BLACK OR WHITE AND GOLD?)

Apple releases the Apple Watch with underwhelming response. Other wearable tech companies are secretly glad that Apple went first.

Taylor Swift releases “Bad Blood” video, which is 100% absolutely definitely in no way about Katy Perry.

Gay marriage finally reaches the U.S.,

Donald Trump announces he’s running for president,

and Caitlyn Jenner officially comes out in an interview with Vanity Fair. So basically everyone just had a lot of feelings this month.

Canada hosts and celebrates a bunch of women playing soccer, proving that it doesn’t just care about guys who play hockey. People start talking about gender equality in sports and it’s cool to #playlikeagirl now.

Nicki Minaj calls out Miley Cyrus at the VMAS. And this was after taking on Taylor Swift earlier in the year. You go, Nicki, four for you.

Mulder and Scully are back. X-Files nerds rejoice.

Canada elects Justin Trudeau as Prime Minister, leading to spike in people getting tattoos of the maple leaf.

World comes together to show support and strength in aftermath of Paris attacks. Hope in humanity is restored.

The first Syrian refugees arrive in Canada. People like us again, or something.

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