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Tinder: the modern way to date. Credit cards: the modern way to spend.

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The Right Swipe Vs Swiping Right

We love these tools for their convenience, but both can lead you into threatening territory if you swipe willy-nilly. For both Tinder and your credit score, not every swipe-right is the right swipe. Luckily, all it takes is finding the right balance of swipes and swipe-nots to reap the benefits of modern technology.

The obvious answer to limiting swipe-related damage is to minimize swipes – but there are perks to swiping too. If you’re lacking in credit history a little credit card swiping and subsequent on-time payments can help build your credit score and (eventually) become an “adult.” And Tinder swipes could help you meet the right person.


The problem is swiping is addictive. At first you’re selective: you only swipe for the ones that make your heart beat faster. But before you know it your standards are M.I.A., and you’re swiping at any date or shiny object.

The key is to remind yourself there are consequences to sloppy swiping. If swiping your credit card is like Tinder-swiping, failing to pay back your credit card balance (which will result in interest charges) on time is like swiping right on one-night-stand material who’s decided to call you every day for a month. The immediate thrill of the chase is gone, and now all you’re left with is a Stage 5 Clinger who won’t lose your number.

If you’ve ever swiped without the ability to pay what you owe—or swiped on a hot picture without reading the profile first—you’re already intimately familiar with what I call aftershock.

To avoid becoming a sad swipe whore, ask yourself some critical questions before swiping: Is this really worth my time? Am I just swiping because I have nothing better to do? Do I REALLY need this?


While there are a lot of tips on how to avoid Tinder swiping aftershock – like reading their profile bio first, confirming common interests before meeting and researching the person.

Here are some tips to avoid the aftershock of needless credit card swiping


Ask yourself if you really need this.


Can you afford this with your own money? If so, swipe responsibly with a debit or your Mogo Visa® Prepaid Card


If you need to borrow, figure out ahead of time how long it will take to pay it back and calculate how much interest it’ll cost you. Is it worth it?

Once your swiping habits are under control you’ll reach a new level of clear-headedness. You’ll be able to easily discern between the right swipe and a swipe-right. Like the purchase you can afford to charge and pay back before interest is due, some dates really are worthy of a swipe-right.


Did you swipe too much over the holidays? Apply for the MogoLiquid personal loan and consolidate your debt into one low payment!

Chantel Chapman is Mogo's Financial Fitness Coach. She teaches you how to be an adult, and is also the host of our Adulting 101 events. With over a decade’s experience as a mortgage broker, Chantel recognized a need for financial education with many of her first-time homebuyers, so she began creating custom content to help guide them. Chantel is the founder of Holler For Your Dollar, a consulting firm that jump-starts anyone who’s ready to dive into the world of Adulting or entrepreneurship. Her role at Mogo puts her skills to use creating and teaching digestible, yet educational financial literacy content geared to millennials and daring entrepreneurs.

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