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The MogoMini Snapshot: coming soon to an inbox near you

Our personal loan, MogoLiquid, has its own monthly snapshot email that updates you regularly on your loan balance, payment amounts, and upcoming payment dates. So we thought... why not one for our MogoMini line of credit too?

Every loan deserves its own snapshot. Just sayin.


Let’s break it down


Loan status — How much was that loan you took out again?


Next scheduled payment — How much are you paying next?

Next payment due date —
When do you need to pay by?

The minimum payment amount goes toward the interest only and not the principal so to get out of debt sooner, be smart and try to make monthly payments toward your principal too.

Quote — A little motivation never hurts.



Coming to an inbox near you in January 2016… Become a MogoMember for more updates!

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?