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Toronto Locavore Delights

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Strawberries from Mexico, avocados from Peru and bananas from Brazil; with all that traveling, your summer salads may have the same carbon footprint as Boeing 747. We have grown accustomed to year-round availability of all our favorite produce and we don’t always stop and think about how far our well-traveled food has flown. Now a new movement is changing all that; locavore eaters aim to source locally grown items to reduce their carbon footprint and promote local farming endeavors.

Locavore eaters are a movement of people who eat only locally sourced, organic fruit and vegetables. The growing support the movement enjoys has spawned a number of locavore restaurants around the city of Toronto. These environmentally friendly eateries source food from a 100 mile radius and provide ever-changing seasonal menus to die for.


Fabernack is the mac-daddy of locavore eating. Fabernak is housed in the modest 519 Church Street Community Center. Here they smoke their own meats, make their own stock and even their own evergreen oil. The restaurant provides employment opportunities to local residents and sustainable, healthy food to its ever growing customer base.

Fanny Chadwicks

This little restaurant that could is located on the corner of Howland and Dupont. Fanny’s utilizes locally sourced, organic meat and even makes its own condiments. The veggies are also locally sourced, but there isn’t much for vegetarians here. Fanny’s makes a large range of especially interesting hot beverages. You can find Fanny Chadwicks at 268 Howland Avenue in the Annex.


Global warming, climate change and pollution getting your down? You need more Cowbell. The menu changes daily as urban chef extraordinaire Mark Cutrara sources everything locally. This Parkdale bistro is great for meat lovers and you can look forward to exciting and unexpected menu options. You can find Cowbell Restaurant at 1564 Queen Street West.

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What are you looking for?