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Unboxing your new Mogo Prepaid Visa Card

OK – so there’s no box, but ‘un-enveloping’ is a weird word.

Here’s what it looks like when your Mogo card shows up! This is what you can expect (a great experience), how long it’ll take (about 5 minutes), and what you can do next (whatever you want).

## Check your mail

My Mogo Card showed up within 10 business days of signing up online. It’s an inconspicuous envelope with an exciting ‘It’s here!’ tag.

## Open it up

Finally, an excuse to use that letter opener your grandfather got you for Christmas. Your Mogo Card will be waiting for you with some easy instructions.


There are also some great goodies, like the “Emergency Use Only” sticker to apply to your old credit card. That’s a great reminder that has already saved me money, I’m sure. Next month, the credit card bill will actually be an easy pill to swallow.

## Behold the glory!

You picked the card, now hold it your hot hands. As you can see, mine clearly matches my cat…and I am OK with it.

## Load it up, allow SMS messages, and track your spending

With a few simple steps, your phone number will be verified, and you will be ready to Do more, spend less with your Mogo Prepaid Visa Card.

Still haven’t got one? [Check them out now!](

What are you looking for?

What are you looking for?